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Exeter Sports Academy, Marsh Green Road West, Exeter, Devon, ex2 8pn.

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Membership details and prices

At Te-Ashi-Do Martial Arts we believe in a simple price structure and aim to offer top quality instruction at a great price. Although our classes are of the highest standard to be found in the industry and are taught by award winning instructors, we have always aimed to bring value for money to our members. Our membership prices aim to reflect that.


We have a simple 1 or 2 lesson plan available to allow you to train as little or often as you like.

All payments are by non-contractual direct debit, billed monthly.


Single lesson plan – £25 per person. Allows you to train in a single style, once each week.

Double lesson plan – £45 per person. Allows you to train in 2 styles, amounting to 2 sessions a week.


All our lessons can compliment each other, so training in more than one style will help to make you better in all that we teach.

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Once a week £25 per person


Twice a week £45 per person



In addition to membership fees, you will also need some other basics:


Licence £20 per person for 1 year. To be purchased within first month of training.

Te-Ashi-Do Karate GI. Purchased from instructor in class. Children £25, Adults £45

Kickboxing / Sport Sword uniform. Comprises Trousers and T-shirt. Also used as our competition uniform. £35 complete.


All uniform should be bought within 2 months of training.

For sparring equipment, please see our equipment page or click links below:




Exeter Sports Academy
Marsh Green Road West
ex2 8pn



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