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Sparring Gloves range:


The Top Ten Point Sparring glove is our approved semi contact glove. Required glove for semi contact competing.

top ten point gloves

Available in Blue, Black and Red

Sizes S, M, L

Price £29.99


The RDX F3 Pro boxing glove is one of our choices for light contact and full contact sparring.RDX BGL-T3

Available in Gold

Size 10oz

Price £39.99


The RDX T9 Boxing glove is another great choice for light contact or full contact sparring.RDX BGL-T9 Gloves

Available in Blue, Red, Yellow or Black

Size 10oz

Price £39.99


The RDX F1 glove is our choice for MMA and grappling sparring. Ideal for Te-Ashi-Do classes and Kenpo 5.0 tournament fighting.RDX GGL-F1 MMA Gloves

Available in Black or White

Sizes S, M, L

Price £39.99


Exeter Sports Academy
Marsh Green Road West
ex2 8pn



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